You Can Get A Pattern That Shows You How To Crochet A Realistic Bearded Dragon

Having reptiles as pets has gained popularity recently and if you’re planning to get one for yourself, know that these cold-blooded vertebrates require specialized care. Hence, owning a pet reptile is a big commitment. But if you want to own a pet reptile without the commitment, you can make a crochet bearded dragon instead.

This Etsy shop is offering the digital pattern in PDF file format to help you make your very own crochet bearded dragon. Please note that you’ll be getting a digital file that includes the complete list of necessary materials and tools for this DIY project along with easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by pictures and video tutorials to guide you through the stitching process.


Crochet Bearded Dragon

crochet bearded dragon yarn doll

The digital pattern consists of 66 pages of detailed instructions on how to construct the wire frame, loop the yarn to craft the crochet bearded dragon, and create realistic eyes. Finished product should measure 12.6 inches in length which is the average size of these medium-sized lizards. Its appearance, size, and texture are so realistic that you can use it to prank your friends.

life-size lizard yarn doll


realistic lizard yarn doll


realistic lizard yarn doll underside details


life-size lizard yarn doll realistic eyes

In addition to the 66-page digital pattern, you will also receive another file containing text only. This text-only pattern is for those who prefer to work without any accompanying photos or videos. The crochet bearded dragon project requires intermediate crocheting skill level. So, you must have created a few yarn dolls prior to this. And again, your purchase doesn’t include any physical item and you have to procure all necessary materials and tools yourself. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I really like this pattern. Easy to follow and it also had a text-only version or one with plenty of pictures. Very good.”

crochet bearded dragon pattern


crochet bearded dragon realistic


crochet bearded dragon realistic details


crochet bearded dragon

Source: Etsy