11 Awesome Easter Twists On Traditional Candy And Treats


Easter is a fun-filled time of the year. Whether or not you're religious, the holiday is a wonderful celebration of Spring and new beginnings. Little lambs are being born and young plants are beginning to peek their leaves out through the soil. All around us is a feeling of newness and fresh starts… oh, and candy! Yes, the treats are what the majority of us look forward to the most at Easter, so here's a list of 11 of the best, to get you salivating! Check these out!


'M&M's Malted Mini Eggs' – Let's hope we get lots of these chocolate-covered malt candies on the big day!

malt mini eggs


'Mystery Chicks Peeps' – Exclusively available in Walmart, these come in mystery flavors that are either tangy, salty, sweet or zesty!

chicks peeps


'Bunny Food Jolly Rancher Gummies' – These vegetable shaped candies come in cherry, orange, green apple and lemon flavors!

bunny ranchers


'Spring Oreos' – These taste the same as regular Oreos, however, the filling is a bright yellow color!

spring oreos



'Vanilla Cupcake Grahams Goldfish' – Get them fast as they'll be discontinued after Easter!

vanilla goldfish


'Fluffy Stuff Cotton Tails' – Be the life and soul of the Easter get together, by simply attaching one of these 'tails' to your pants and jumping around like a huge bunny! Or, maybe leave that to the kids.

cotton tails


'Strawberry Starburst Jellybeans' – On sale exclusively in Walmart, these strawberry jelly beans sound heavenly!

strawberry starburst


'Easter Sundae M&M's' – A Walmart exclusive, these tasty treats are sure to be extremely popular this Easter!

easter m and ms


'Carrot Cake Hershey's Kisses' – These will be available from Walmart, and are white chocolate with a carrot cake flavored filling. Yummy!

carrot cake kiss


'Twizzlers Easter Grass' – Green apple flavor. Yum!

easter twizzlers


'Bunny Burst Tic Tacs' – These little seasonal apple and grape flavor fruit mints are scrummy!

bunny burst

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