This Adorable Two Legged Dog Spent A Decade On The Streets Before Finally Getting A Home

 Beware, this story might make you shed a tear. After 10 whole years of suffering out on LA’s streets, street dog Amaze-Bobb was brought into the vets by animal control. His chaotic, matted fur made him look like some sort of sheep, with no eyes to speak of. Once he had been groomed and cared for however, Amaze-Bobb the poodle was a whole new, much happier, dog! After being picked up by animal control, Amaze-Bobb was taken to a shelter called ‘Synergy’, where the director, Carla, formed a special bond with him. As did his foster parents Megan and Nate, who quickly fell in love with Amaze-Bobb and decided to take him home. Despite losing two legs, which had self-amputated due to extremely matted fur that had cut off his circulation, Amaze-Bobb now lives happily with Megan and Nate and their two Siberian Huskies. Take a look at his amazing journey and transformation below!
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Amaze-Bobb lived for ten years on the streets of LA, without an all-important haircut.

When shaved, Amaze-Bobb’s rear left leg came off. It had completely self-amputated due to the extremely matted state of his fur.

His rotten teeth were pulled, leaving him with just four.

Doesn’t he look different already?!

The director at Synergy Rescue, where Amaze-Bobb moved to was the one to decide his name. 

After two days at Synergy, dog trainer Megan and her husband Nate decided to take Amaze-Bobb home for some TLC.

He fitted right in with the couple’s 2 huskies. Isn’t his fur growing back nicely?

Megan and Nate were moving out of the state, so Amaze-Bobb went back to Carla at Synergy for a little while.

He kept busy, visiting people with special needs.

In May, the pooch sadly got very sick due to an abscess and he nearly died.

He pushed on through however, and Megan and Nate were able to arrange for him to travel via plane to their new home. Yay!

Look at him fly!

Sad goodbye from Carla pre-flight.

Now Amaze-Bobb is truly part of a loving family and his days on the streets are a thing of the past. 

Go Amaze-Bobb!

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