This Is What Happens When Things Don’t Quite Go To Plan In The Kitchen

People generally fall into one of three categories, those who can cook up a storm in the kitchen, those who have average skills and those who fail miserably. If you don’t know how to boil an egg or your meringues are more like bricks than sweet treats, don’t panic. You could never be as bad at cooking as these people. In fact, some of these guys should come with their own health warning! Take a look and let us know about your own cooking fails in the comments!

Okay, so this super-cute sushi might be more of a win than a fail!

Hopefully the one-year-old recipient of this cake won’t be emotionally scarred for life.

Somewhere a little girl is bitterly disappointed.

tink pancake


The struggle is real.

The kettle is electric!

cooker kettle destroy


Never cook while drunk.

How did this happen?

wrecked pizza


And, the award for most terrifying cake ever goes to…

Mom, my eggs and rice are scaring me.

The stuff of nightmares.

scary rolls


Always a bad sign!

It could have been so good.

So close but yet so far!

We guess he likes spicy food!

We all have our personal strengths and weaknesses. Some people are wonderful at listening. Some are excellent singers. There is no shame whatsoever in admitting that we’re not great at everything! If you’re culinary challenged, we hope that you’re feeling far better about your own cooking skills as a result of viewing these amusing images! We don’t know what some of these people were thinking but we’d certainly never let them loose anywhere near our kitchens!

How many people are coming for dinner?

Nuclear pizza!

This isn’t how to make a cup brownie!

Kitchen carnage!

Surely the baker noticed his glasses were missing!

These promised so much.

Brings a new meaning to the term ‘bunny boiler’.

This could have been so good!

How on earth?

We don’t even want to know what happened here!

Maybe this guy should just give up.

This guy has a great recipe for molten lava.

There’s something weirdly cute about this bunny!

The horror baby meatloaf from hell!