Mistakes Most People Make When Designing Their Living Room

Whether you’re moving into a new home or are just thinking of updating your existing one, you want to put your own personal stamp on the space. When thinking about designing a room from scratch, what many people don’t realize is the amount of hard work and design know-how that goes into making a good room great. The way you furnish your place says a lot about you and your personality. You want the place to be homely and comfortable whilst retaining your own favorite pieces. If you’re thinking of restyling your living room and have no idea where to start, these common design fails and how to fix them will help you get started. Take a look!

Problem: Putting your TV in the wrong place.

Solution: A misplaced TV across from a window will cause your eyes to hurt due to the glare. To combat this, always place your TV on a plain wall out of the way of direct sunlight. 

tv rooms
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Problem: Having a boring-looking sofa.

Solution: If your sofa lacks that certain something, adding some bright cushions made from interesting fabrics will give it a new lease of life.

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Problem: Placing your sofa against the wall.

Solution: If you’re pushed for space, putting your sofa up against the wall can make your room look bigger. However, if you have a large room, placing the sofa away from your wall creates the illusion of even more space!

sofa comparison

Problem: Displaying plants in tiny pots.

Solution: Having too many small pot plants makes your space look too busy. Try placing a large plant in a corner instead.

plants books room
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Problem: Badly positioned photos.

Solution: Rather than placing photos randomly around the room, a hanging gallery looks far more streamlined and attractive.

photos comparison
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Problem: You’ve inherited mom’s old-fashioned furniture covers.

Solution: Even though she might feel a little put out, don’t use your mom’s old furniture covers in your decorating. There are so many modern and eye-catching covers out there that it’d be a shame to have your space looking so dated.

old fashioned room

Problem: There’s only upper lighting in your room.

Solution: Adding floor lamps, wall lights, reading lamps and so on, brings atmosphere into your living room. You can also change your lighting to suit your mood and create whatever ambiance you desire.

living room comparison
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Problem: You’re not making the most of your space.

Solution: Make your space work for you by installing plenty of bookcases, shelving and hidden storage. This way, you have a tidy and inviting living room where everything is in its place!

living room books

Problem: Your furniture is too large for the space you have.

Solution: Avoid stuffing your living room with furniture, especially if your space is on the small side. It’s also not a great idea to have a huge sofa if you’re low on room. These look far better in larger living spaces. A good tip is to have a pair of armchairs and a two-seater sofa in a smaller living room.  

large furniture
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Problem: Teaming low ceilings with dark furniture.

Solution: If your room has low ceilings, placing dark furniture inside only makes the space look cramped. Instead, choose neutral-toned compact furniture and raised-leg tables to give the illusion of space.

furniture comparison

Problem: Having highly unfashionable furniture.

Solution: Rather than buying the latest trends in home furnishings, purchase sofas and chairs that are timeless. 

comparison furniture

Problem: Your furniture doesn’t look right in your room.

Solution: When you’re kitting out your space, choose furniture according to design, not solely due to your own preferences. Remember, just because you like a piece, this doesn’t mean it’ll suit your space.

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Problem: Your rug is too small for your room.

Solution: A small rug imbalances a room. Whereas a larger rug makes your space look bigger and more welcoming.

carpet living room
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Problem: There’s no focal point in your room.

Solution: A focal point such as an ornate mirror or a fireplace brings life into a space. If your living room seems dull and unfocused, introducing a centerpiece makes all the difference!

boring vs exciting room