13 Comics Show What Might Happen If Animals Celebrated Halloween


Non-human animals aren’t exactly known for their love of halloween, but in a different kind of world, perhaps they’d enjoy the holiday just as much as people do. Liz Climo is an animator on The Simpsons, but in her spare time she likes to draw cute comics featuring animals who talk and act just like people do. Climo has clearly thought about what animals might do on halloween because she has a number of comic strips devoted to this very topic. Starring narwhals dressed as snowmen and hamsters using their cheeks to store candy, these illustrations are as amusing as they are adorable. Check out these thirteen comics showing what might happen if animals celebrated halloween.



Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


It’s nice when your friends give you a hand.


A different type of face book.


Seems legit!


There’s more than one kind of bear, you know.


The perfect costume!


Waste not, want not!


Medusa costume: now with real snakes.


We suppose it could be a ghost jellyfish.


Halloween candy the hands-free way.


This is more relevant than ever now.


Sorry, goats!


The cutest snake ever!

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