This Girl’s Use Of Face Paints Is Both Creepy And Awesome


If you've ever been scared that your nightmares might come to life, then you don't want to hang around with Taylor Jewell. This talented young artist has only recently become interested in face painting and special effects makeup, but her newbie status doesn't show. Using her own face as a canvas, Taylor creates the kind of weird and wonderful characters that you wouldn't want to bump into down a dark alley. Writing on Bored Panda, Taylor said: 

''It’s so fun to sit down with all the materials you need to create something and letting your mind go. I’ve always been drawn to more surreal or dark styles and have found a way to channel any ideas I may have.''

You can take a look at some of Taylor's creations below, just make sure you don't view them too close to bedtime or you might find these monsters slipping into your dreams.

Website: Taylor Jewell on YouTube


Taylor Jewell/Bored Panda


Taylor Jewell/Bored Panda


Taylor Jewell/Bored Panda



Taylor Jewell/Bored Panda


Taylor Jewell/Bored Panda


Check out this tutorial video for the last one. You'll find more tutorials on Taylor's YouTube channel, linked above.



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