These Are The Bad Shower Habits That You Need To Ditch

Showering is something that millions of us do on a daily basis. However, this also means that there are millions of us who are guilty of having bad shower habits. There are a fair few things you could be doing without even realizing that they can be really harmful. Here we have a helpful collection of the most common bad shower habits that you need to ditch. Changing your ways could lead to you having healthier hair and skin. What have you got to lose? Take a look, you might learn something! 

Not Cleaning Your Bathtub

Plenty of you will use your tub for both baths and showers. Whether you are lounging flat in the water or standing up getting a rinse, it is important to realize that cleaning the tub needs to take place sometimes. There are many different germs and bacteria that can build up that no one wants them on their skin or in their mouths, eyes and ears! However, always make sure that all cleaning chemicals are thoroughly washed away before your next shower or bath as you don’t want them in or on your body either! 

bad shower habits clean bath tub

Never Showering In Cold Water

Many people avoid taking cold showers like they are the plague. This is understandable as one of things people love about showers is the warm/hot temperature that makes them feel oh so good. However, you may not have known that a cold shower of just 30 seconds can offer many benefits. They are said to increase your stress tolerance, boost your immune system and increasing your metabolism which could assist with weight lost! So, a cold blast might be worth the momentary chill!

bad shower habits cold water

Storing Razors Incorrectly

Many of us are guilty of using our razors and just leaving them on the side of our tubs. A razor can be a breeding ground for bacteria with lots of small areas that make a nice home for germs. Combine this with a hot and wet environment, you are asking for trouble. Incorrectly storing your razors can lead to rusting which can result in a tetanus infection. Make sure to hang your razor up to air dry and store it away from your shower area. 

bad shower habits dry out razor

Hard Water

Many people are oblivious to the fact that they are showering in hard water. Adding to this, many people also don’t realize that hard water can play havoc on your hair and skin. High levels of calcium and magnesium in the water can lead to skin breakouts. Hard water can also be annoying for those who dye their hair as it can strip the color! Where possible, add a water softener to your shower. If you are unable to do this, at least use a clarifying shampoo that can remove excess minerals caused by water. 

bad shower habits hard water

Not Moisturizing

Sometimes after a relaxing shower (or bath) you just want to lounge around in your towel. However, by doing this, you are missing your prime time slot to moisturize. Just after you get out of the water, your skin will still be warm so it will absorb your moisturizer more easily. Also, for those who tend to spend a little too long in the bath or shower, you need to replace the moisture that has been lost. 

bad shower habits moisturize

Exfoliating Too Often

For some people, exfoliating is religiously included in their skin care routine. Whilst this is important to do on occasion, doing it every day can cause more harm than good. Your skin naturally replenishes itself by exfoliating every 25 days on average. So, by scrubbing off fresh skin cells each day unnecessarily, you can cause redness, irritation and breakouts. Let your skin have a break and exfoliate twice a week. For those with sensitive skin, once a week might be better suited. For those with oily skin, you may need to exceed twice but avoid every single day. 

bad shower habits over exfoliating

Keeping Your Loofah For Too Long

Some people would probably be quite embarrassed to admit how long they’ve had their loofahs, and even more embarrassed to share that they still use them regardless of their age. However, this can actually be a serious issue. Sponges and the like are the ideal environment for nasty things to live and breed. Take a look at the video below that explains why you should change or clean your loofah regularly. 

Not Replacing Razors

Here we have another one that so many are guilty of. Razors are something that some people will use until the blade just won’t cut anything anymore. We get it, blades can be expensive and it’s easy to forget to buy (or purposely avoid buying) new ones. But, this is terrible for your skin! Even if the blades still have some sharpness to them, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be thrown away. You are asking for trouble using an old, bacteria filled razor that could severely irritate your skin. If you ever experience redness or bumps, it could be because you are not replacing your razor often enough. 

bad shower habits razor blades

Rubbing Towels On Your Hair And Skin

We all know the towel cocoon that people make with their wet hair. It’s easy and convenient for keeping your locks out of the way whilst they dry and you sort yourself out. However, this can be really damaging without you even knowing. Some people wrap these cocoons far too tight. Plus, it is recommended that you gently pat dry your hair rather than leave it sitting in a towel for ages. The same goes for you skin when it comes to gently patting, never rub vigorously as it can be really damaging! 

bad shower habits rubbing towels

Scented Soaps

We’ll be honest. There are some scented soaps out there that smell damn wonderful. However, some of the things that give soaps their lovely smells can be extremely damaging to your skin. If you notice any skin irritation including itching and redness, your soap could be the cause. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, you can get organic soaps that still smell nice. But, always remember that the important thing is that a soap cleans you so the scent is just a bonus. 

bad shower habits scented soap

Bacteria Filled Soap Dishes

You might not think it, but your soap dish could be full of bacteria. For those that still use bars of soap as opposed to the liquid kind, you are placing your soap in a bowl where nothing can escape. Your soap just sits there in its own germs. Then, you use your soap again, rubbing the bacteria all over your body. Gross, right? If you would like to continue using a soap dish, go for one with holes where the excess water and suds can drain away. 

bad shower habits soap dish

Reusing Dirty Towels

Far too many people have the attitude that because you are clean when you get out of the shower, your towel couldn’t possibly be getting dirty. This is horribly inaccurate. As you dry yourself, skin cells will be coming off onto the towel, not to mention water droplets that can harbor all sorts. It’s perfectly okay to use a towel 2-4 times if dried correctly. Never go longer than a week with one towel as you could end up causing yourself skin irritation. 

bad shower habits towels

Washing Your Face In The Shower

It’s all too easy to wash your face in the shower. With all that lovely water flowing, why wouldn’t you? Well, one reason you should refrain from doing this if you can is that the temperature of the water will generally be hotter than what you should use to wash your face. If you notice that your face is often red, flustered and dry, it could be due to washing your face in the shower. 

bad shower habits washing face

Not Washing Your Feet

If you’re honest with yourself, would you say your feet are neglected when it comes to shower time? Many people won’t bother giving their feet a good scrub whilst showering because they feel that they’re getting a clean with all the water running around them. But, this isn’t the case, you need to get in between your toes and properly wipe the soles of your feet. Come on, they carry you around all day, the least you can do is show them a little love and care. 

bad shower habits washing feet

Washing Your Hair Too Often

This is a topic that many seem to debate. Some people fail to realize that constant hot water on our hair can be damaging. Wondering why your hair looks battered and dry? You could be over washing. Some people complain that their hair is too oily so needs a daily wash, however, the daily washing could be what’s causing the excess oils! We recommend washing your hair twice a week (unless otherwise instructed by a health professional). For those who work out daily, 3 times a week is fine. 

bad shower habits washing hair daily

Skipping Showers After Working Out

For reasons that we aren’t too sure of, many people skip having a shower after working out. We appreciate that on the odd occasion circumstances might force this, but we’re talking about those who regularly choose to skip them! Leaving sweat lingering on your skin can lead to irritation, redness and in some cases, infection! Plus, there’s the fact that you will make your bed and clothes dirty. If you can’t get a proper shower in for whatever reason, do a basin wash. 

bad shower habits workout