17 Cool Designs That Are A Stroke Of Genius

Perhaps, almost everyone would agree that it’s really difficult to come up with unique ideas that could please a lot of people. And for an individual to please other people, there should always be this element of surprise to every creation, something that is seemingly impossible for someone who is inexperienced. That’s what being a designer is all about; creating something that a lot of people have never seen before.

So without further ado, here are some unusual yet cool designs that had set the internet abuzz.


#1 Koala bears surely knows how to make barcode reading fun the best way they know how.

Unknown author / Imgur

#2 Athletes of this sport can now enjoy this soft bread… I mean, their newest mat, of course.


#3 Now who would’ve ever miss to look at this billboard ad that comes in 3D?


#4 We can’t blame the dog, even pictures nowadays look real…


#5 When Guinness reminds you of being patient, you just have to trust them.


#6 Next time you go on a cancelled trip and you have to wait for the next flight, you might want to reconsider using this instead.



#7 Now this is what you call hitting two birds with one stone. Such genius advertising strategy you got there!



#8 When you’re not into reading but suddenly sees this. “Where are those newspapers I have thrown before?”


#9 Is the scratch even real or part of the design? Because if it’s just a design, the designer surely knows how to scare the hell out of people.


#10 Well, this might be an unforeseen decision. It still does the trick though.

whoarei007 / reddit

#11 When IKEA challenges you to a snowman building contest…


#12 And then they suddenly offered you something else; might be a life changing decision you’ll ever have to make.


#13 So much for being a laxative, Dulcolax.


#14 When you want to believe you’re really in good hands and suddenly you changed your mind.


#15 I mean, who would’ve not notice this?

FrozenFoodGuy / imgur

#16 They wouldn’t be called Amazon for nothing, I guess. It still delivers.


#17 When the file you want to save requires a larger memory, try this hard drive.


Have you got some cool snaps of unusual designs too? We’d love to see them. Comment below!