Breathtaking Floral Tattoos That Will Make You Rush To Get Inked

There used to be a time when tattoos were frowned upon by the mainstream, only considered to be appropriate for degenerates and sailors. Nowadays, this perception has been turned completely on its head  by highly trained and very accomplished tattoo artists creating beautiful works of art such as the ones below. Rather than having the appearance of traditional tattoos, these amazingly intricate pieces look more like paintings. Each is so delicate and so pretty too! Take a look and let us know your favorite in the comments. 

Sol, South Korea.


Zihee Tattoo, South Korea.

Sasha Unisex, Russia.

Rita Zolotukhina, Ukraine.

Jessica Svartvit, Germany.

Lindsay Asselstine, Canada.

Magdalena Bujak, Poland.

We’re sure you’ll agree that these are some incredible examples of floral tattoo art. Some of the pieces look so real you can almost smell the sweet fragrance of flowers as you view them. Others, like the monochrome tattoos, are stylized and very eye-catching. With summer coming up, these designs might give you some inspiration if you’re considering getting your own pretty tattoo. These highly skilled artists use a client’s skin just like a traditional painter uses a canvas. The only difference being that their customers are walking, breathing pieces of art themselves! 

Mini Lau, China

Nastya Mysh, Russia.

Hongdam, South Korea.

Eva Krbdk, Turkey.

Drag Ink, USA.

Diana Severinenko, Ukraine.

Chloe Aspey, UK.