14 Unbelievable Cooking Tricks To Make You Look Like A Kitchen Boss

If you love your food but don’t have enough time to even boil an egg most days, life can be difficult. However, there are ways of getting round virtually every food problem. From using a fork to dipping your cookies into milk, to microwaving using two bowls at once, most of these 14 tips and tricks save you time and mess! Others, like the egg trick, just make you look good in front of your friends.

It’s a win all round! If you’re looking for fast ways of honing your culinary skills, read on for some of the most ingenious cooking hacks around!

For fluffy, tender eggs, try baking them in their shells for 25 to 30 minutes at 160 degrees C.

eggs baking tray

Cupcake sandwiches taste so good. You also won’t get frosting all over your fingers!

cupcake sandwiches

Minimize mess by using a fork to dip your cookies in milk. Easy!

cookies fork milk

Try dipping cookies in milk and placing them in the freezer for a few hours. Mmm, yummy!

cookies freezer bag

Don’t you hate it when your ice cream goes hard in the freezer? Simply place it in a bag and it’ll stay soft!

bag ice cream

Now you can microwave two meals at once.

microwave bowls

Cook two pizzas at once with ease!

half pizza grille

This trick works best with a ripe mango.

glass mango

Can’t stand that annoying dust near the end of a packet? Just use a colander!

food strainer sink

Placing a rubber band around your takeout box stops the lid getting in the way of you eating.

elastic band food box

Hard to open lids are a thing of the past when you do this!

spoon open jar

Tired of breaking your nails on pistachios? Simply open half cracked ones with another piece of shell.

pistachios opening

Mmm, Nutella and ice cream!

nutella ice cream

Pour milk into one side of an empty cookie packet for dunking heaven.

milk cookies