14 Pieces Of Book Inspired Jewelry For Book Lovers


From LOTR earrings, to Harry Potter-themed necklaces, there are all sorts of wonderful book-inspired jewelry designs out there. Wearing Arwen's necklace or Harry's broom around your neck is a novel and neat way to express your book loving ways. Bookworms who also love accessorizing will adore our collection of fine pieces of book-inspired jewelry. Check them out below!


Moby Dick Ring.


Little Prince necklace.


Wizard Of Oz ring.


Harry's Broom necklace.


Jane Eyre necklace.


Harry Potter 'Platform 9 and three quarters' ring.



LOTR earrings.


Game of Thrones earpiece.


Labyrinth earrings.


Khaleesi and Khal Drogo Necklace.


Clockwork Orange necklace.


Arwen necklace.


The Hobbit necklace.


Hermione's necklace.

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