Converse Launches New Floral Embroidered Sneakers Collection

The Converse All-Start Chuck ’70 is getting re-crafted and the new line will be featuring floral embroidery. The American shoe company introduces Converse Floral Parkway, a new collection of retro sneakers with a touch of contemporary design. These stylish kicks bring new vibrant colors to the classic design. Hence, the classic kicks just got classier with these elaborate floral embroideries.

converse floral parkway collection

Converse Floral Parkway comes in six different variants – three high-tops and three low-tops. Each pair of sneakers features different styles of floral embroideries. The high-tops are available in three color options – yellow (Turmeric Gold), blue (Washed Denim), and pink (Punch Coral). On the other hand, the low-tops are available in white (Driftwood), cream (Papyrus), and navy (Obsidian) colors. Designers add intricate flower embroidery in different colors to compliment the base hue.

Converse Floral Parkway – a collection of sleek sneakers with flower embroidery

converse embroidered sneakers for women

But Converse Floral Parkway is more than just its alluring design. Aside from the embroidery, the classic sneaker also receives an added OrthoLite cushioning for a more comfortable wear. Get these iconic soft-leather, embroidered sneakers from the Nike website and give your feet a touch of floral flair. With the new Converse Floral Parkway, you can walk with comfort and style.

Turmeric Gold High Top

converse floral parkway turmeric gold

Washed Denim High Top

converse floral parkway washed denim

Punch Coral High Top

converse floral parkway punch coral

Driftwood Low Top

converse floral parkway driftwood

Papyrus Low Top

converse floral parkway papyrus

Obsidian Low Top

converse floral parkway obsidian


converse floral parkway top view

Source: Converse