These Amazing New Floating Bonsai Trees Are Perfect For Your Home


Bonsai trees, so tiny and perfect, have captivated people for many, many years. A form of living art hailing from Japan, the history of the Bonsai goes back at least 1000 years. But, it's only recently that the trees have been able to float in mid air! 'The Hoshinchu Team', in Japan, came up with the amazing inventive twist, which they call 'Air Bonsai'. The company is currently raising funds on 'Kickstarter', seeking $80,000 to launch the product fully. Air Bonsai consists of an 'energy base' and a floating ball, on which the miniature tree sits prettily. How does it float? Well, it's all down to the power of magnets, which are a feature of both halves of the tree! Take a look!








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