These Adorable Terrarium Candles Are Possibly The Cutest Faux Plants You’ll Ever See

Perhaps you were wishing to have a lush indoor garden of your own. It’s just that your thumb isn’t green! Or, it could be that you have so much love for plants that everything else apart from your garden could also draw inspiration from Nature. Well, whatever it is, you might find terrarium candles fascinating. They’ve been crafted by Zoe Tang, and you can get them from UncommonGoods.

Indeed, terrarium candles are cute just like little succulents. Plus, they also are delightful like regular sweet scented candles. With such a perfect combination, they make excellent gifts for any plant lover you know. You can even gift them to yourself — it’s worth it! Big thanks to Zoe Tang and UncommonGoods, you can order a bunch for your plant-loving friends, too.

Zoe Tang has created terrarium candles that are perfect for plant lovers. You can get your own from UncommonGoods.

terrarium candles uncommongoods zoe tang

The terrarium candles are actually hand-poured and come from soy. Two varieties are available for you to choose from: cactus and poppy. The cactus terrarium candle has three tiny cacti and three wicks. The scent? Soothing pine and vanilla. On the other hand, the poppy terrarium candle has one wick right at the center of a pink poppy flower. Its scent is in jasmine and white tea.

Terrarium Candle

These two candles would look so real as if they’re actual terrarium plants! Another good thing about them is that they’re affordable at only $20 each. Yeah, you would think they’re too cute for you to burn. But, you may just have to. And if you do light them, each would have 30 to 35 hours of burn time. That’s also a little while.