Dina Belenko Teaches Us How To Photograph Amazing Splashes


Dina Belenko loves photographing splashes! Whether it be coffee, tea or milk, she has a knack for capturing a splash as its most twisted, streams of liquid fly through mid-air. But as you'll see below, hers are no ordinary splashes… many of them seem to defy gravity itself! Want to know how she does it? Then read on. And perhaps you can try to capture your own splashes at home!

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The End Result


What she used…

Dina says having a solid background is very important. She used a sheet of painted plywood. A large syringe (without needle), a glue gun and double sided tape were also required, as were all the components making up the shots, like the coffee mugs for instance. For the photography itself, she used a tripod and external flash.


Set up: 

Dina arranged a still life composition, keeping in mind that all the objects were going to be turned upside down. She then glued or taped the composition to the background.



Next step…have a blast!


As far as lighting was concerned, Dina used a typical speedlight on low power, as 1/8 to 1/128 of the power provides a very short pulse that freezes the motion of liquid. The speedlight was set to RPT mode, allowing it to take a few shots in a row. She filled her syringe with milk (or coffee, or whatever) and started spraying. Dina says she got her "twisted" splash by making circular motions the entire time.


After shooting, she chose the shots with the most awesome splashes and combined them into a single shot using Photoshop.




Empty cup…


Spilt milk…


Coffee bender…

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