You Can Get A Bean Bag Bed With A Built-In Pillow And Blanket

It’s been a while since we last featured a comfy bean bag bed. And we truly regret not doing so while the lockdowns were in full swing. But you know what they say, it’s better late than never. We’ve just stumbled upon this ingenious couch that can adapt to your current mood. It is aptly named the ‘Moody Couch’. And we believe we have found the best lounging spot to make our holiday staycation more pleasant and relaxing.

The Moody Couch is a product concept designed by furniture designer Hanna Emelie Ernstring. What makes this bed unique is that it has a built-in blanket and pillow that you can move and adjust to various shapes and forms. The textile cover is made of special fabric that can be configured in any shape to go with your current mood. It is pliable, easy to shape and retains its form.


Introducing The Moody Couch, A Comfy Bean Bag Bed With An Adjustable Textile Cover

bean bag bed with adjustable textile cover

The concept of the Moody Couch doesn’t only revolve around comfort and relaxation. More importantly, Ernstring insightfully introduced a piece of furniture that allows us to express a wide range of various moods. Of course, this one-of-a-kind element is something you won’t find in other bean bag chairs, no matter how comfy they are. Comfy wise, this bed is designed to provide the same comfort and feel of the ‘standard’ sofa.

Below are the simple patterns that you can form with this bed to suit your mood. Whether you’re feeling lazy or busy, on your own or with your loved ones, the Moody Couch will adapt to your mood. Finally, a clever piece of furniture that understands how we feel.

bean bag bed chill mood


bean bag bed timeout mood


moody couch crabby mood


moody couch comfy mood


bean bag bed girls-night mood


moody couch cuddle mood


bean bag bed tidy mood


moody couch dreamy mood


bean bag bed busy mood


moody couch somewhat tidy mood


bean bag bed sleepy mood


moody couch eager mood


bean bag bed snooze mood


moody couch hangover mood

Source: Hanna Ernstring