Ford Introduces Lane-Keeping Bed That Moves Bed-Hoggers Back Over To Their Side

Do you have a bed-hogger as a partner? If so, we really feel sorry for your misery. Those sleepless nights full of disturbances brought about by your bed-invading partner. Yes, we feel your sorrow. But there’s still hope for all of us who are always deprived of a good night sleep. Ford introduces the Lane-Keeping bed, a smart bed that automatically moves bed-hoggers back to their side of the bed. Finally, seems like somebody has found a solution to this relationship-ruining problem.

The Lane-Keeping Bed employs a smart system that uses pressure sensors and conveyor belts. When bed-hoggers move to the other side, it triggers the sensors and the conveyor belt rolls them back to their side. That’s technology at its finest. The American automaker company initially applied its Lane-Keeping System to help drivers stay in their lanes while driving. It uses cameras and lane marking scanners that trigger an alert system if the vehicle is drifting out of its lane.

ford lane-keeping system bed

ford lane-keeping bed


ford lane-keeping bed bed-hogger solution

Ford decided to adapt the same technology to create a lane-keeping bed that can also keep sleepers on their place. But instead of giving off alerts, the bed activates an automatic mechanism that moves the sleeper back to their side. This genius innovation can surely give anyone the best quality of sleep they deserve. Dr. Neil Stanley, UK’s famous sleep expert, explains that human sensory is wide awake even when we’re sleeping. This means that even the slightest form of disturbance can disrupt our sleeping pattern. Hence, it can ruin our entire night.

“Humans are most vulnerable when sleeping, so we’re programmed to wake when something or someone touches us unexpectedly.”, Dr. Stanley says.

ford lane keeping system bed

Ford’s Lane-Keeping Bed is definitely the ultimate solution to this dilemma. Unfortunately, it is just a prototype as of the moment. But it’s only a matter of time before Ford finally rolls it out to the market. And when that happens, selfish bed-hoggers will finally know their place.

Source: Ford Europe