Photographer Ivette Ivens Portrays Breast Feeding In Public Is Natural


You don't often see mother and baby photos where the mom is breast feeding. At least, not stunning pictures like the ones below. Photographer Ivette Ivens created a series of highly stylized photos taken of women breastfeeding outside, many of them wearing next to nothing. Ivens is a breast feeding proponent and wants everyone to know it's ok to feed your child from the breast, in public. Ivens work was recently featured in an exhibition in Chicago called 'I Breastfed My Toddler'. The 25 year old is a mother of two who nursed her first born until he was three years old, 'I nursed them both anywhere I wanted,' she told 'BoredPanda', 'From church to parties, from farmer's markets to high end designer stores. I believe that mothers should nurse their little ones whenever they want to.' Check out her beautiful work below!
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