The ‘Christmas Tinner’ Is A Full-Course Christmas Dinner In A Tin

Chances are you’ll be too busy playing on your brand new PS5 or Xbox Series X to prepare a festive Christmas dinner. But don’t worry because you can now get the Christmas Tinner to stop your holiday hunger pangs. It features a full-course festive dinner in a tin, hence the name. So, gamers like you don’t even need to get out of your gaming bed on Christmas Day. Simply grab the can, open and enjoy a festive dinner while playing your favorite games.

The Tinner features nine layers of processed food inspired by a traditional festive dinner. From the top, you’ll get layers of scrambled egg & bacon, two mince pies, turkey & potatoes, gravy, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, Brussel sprouts (or broccoli) with stuffing, roast carrots and parsnips and pudding. All you have to do is start from the top and work down to the dessert on the bottom. Nothing could be easier than that.


Christmas Tinner Is Basically A Full-Course Festive Dinner In A Tin



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The Tinner was concocted by graphic designer Chris Godfrey back in 2013. To pack a full-course meal in one can, he sealed each processed dish with gelatin and stacked each layer one at a time. Godfrey created the menu from top to bottom so gamers could start with breakfast and finish off with dessert. Well, you’re probably thinking that no one would even take this odd concoction seriously. But when the UK video game retailer GAME put the cans on sale at one of its branches, the canned goodies sold out rather quickly.



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Since then, the Tinner has been a regular offering from GAME during the holiday season. You can get these canned treats in store and online. Godfrey also created two new versions: Vegan and Vegetarian. These meatless alternatives are ideal for those who want to enjoy the full-course festive dinner without the guilt. But of course, we won’t question you if you choose to make it more difficult and cook the turkey yourself. However, if you can’t exit your game then you have a good reason to have these at hand.



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Source: GAME