28 Of The Most Facepalm Moments That Have Ever Happened

We all have our moments where we say or do something silly. But, more often than not, we recognize our errors and usually they are over something trivial. Of course, some of us do have our big mess ups on occasion, also! However, today we’re going to focus on some of the worst facepalm moments you’ve ever seen. You will truly be left wondering ‘really’? The way some people think and act is truly mind boggling! On the upside, some of them are also extremely amusing. Take a look! 

Facepalm Moments

Oh no. We hope that this is a joke! 

Yes, how dumb can you be?

Facepalm Moments canadians think the titanic was real


When your insurance company asks for front, side and rear view shots… 

Let’s hope this dumb person never gets an illness that requires medication and/or treatment to survive! 

Don’t look everyone! It’s a tornado drill! 

Facepalm Moments forcing students to do muslim prayers


When you forget to put your review as anonymous… 

Well, we bet this person had a few regrets about their choice of status! 

Facepalm Moments gay ads


Oh, Joshua. Where have you been?

Alexander, dude, we’re not sure which of your mistakes here is worse. 

This is highly amusing, however, it’s also nice that people came to the Joker’s defense when they didn’t know who he was. 

We wonder if anyone ever managed to get this woman to understand why she was wrong…

Do your damn research people! 

Oh, burn! 

At least she didn’t got for 1/2… 

Whilst the stupidity of some of these people can actually leave you feeling annoyed, they also make you feel better about yourselves! These images prove that some people really need to educate themselves in certain areas. What’s worrying is that a lot of these people seem to be parents so they are passing their incorrect views and knowledge on to the next generations. If you’ve enjoyed the facepalm moments you’ve seen so far, keep going to laugh (and sigh) at even more! 

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We cannot believe what we have just read! 

Someone’s happy moment was well and truly obliterated… 

We wonder if anyone actually has tried to 3D print a floppy disk? Oops, we mean save button. 

We’d actually be pretty impressed by anyone who managed to smoke marinara! 

When the mystery is just too hard to solve…

Ouch. 13 hours would be plenty of time for people to have seen this… 

Facepalm Moments taxi service expect money


Some people make us want to bang our head against a wall! 

The majority of people do apparently… 

This would be pretty devastating! 

Just how can people be so uneducated?!

You always get that one potential buyer… 

People fall for the silliest of things! 

Facepalm Moments type your password


Did the TSA agent get it? What was their reaction?! We want to know! 

Apparently Tom’s request was denied!