Pastry Chef Matteo Stucchi Playfully Turns Delicious Desserts Into Fun Miniature Scenes

Matteo Stucchi, an Italian pastry chef, is one living proof that it’s both beautiful and fun to play with your food. Hailing from Monza, Italy, Stucchi loves to craft desserts and treats — but with such a delightful twist. Yes, the 23-year-old portrays miniatures scenes in his baked goodies. And, the comical teeny-weeny figures make the treats look even more delish.

What’s fascinating about Stucchi’s creations is that they’re both aesthetically pleasing and delightfully flavorful. The talented chef says:

“In a dessert, the decoration is as important as the taste.”

Well, that’s true. Now, Matteo’s desserts are, without a doubt, delicious. And yet, his artistic scenes have a sort of appeal that steals our gaze. For instance, there’s a construction staff, and he uses a crane to spread cocoa on tiramisu. In another dessert design, a miniature priest is officiating a wedding. The setting? It’s a pair of strawberries with choco coating!

matteo stucchi dessert scenes

strawberry matteo stucchi dessert scenes

Here’s more: two men rafting on chocolatey rapids, and some maintenance guys who appear to be giving a manicure to a monster’s huge hand.

boating in choco matteo stucchi dessert scenes

Indeed, you can take your pick among the dessert scenes. You can have overloads of everyday life depictions but nonetheless filled with a sugar coating. Or, you can also have a holiday cookie with action scenes going on. Whatever the case may be, each of the treats Matteo Stucchi makes have such a uniquely delicious appeal.

Here’s a cool fact: Stucchi’s Instagram username is @idolcidigulliver. It’s sort of a tribute to “Gulliver’s Travels,” and if you’re not familiar, this one’s a literary satire. As you might have guessed it, the satire has a significant influence on Stucchi’s work.

If you wish to see more of the artsy chef’s creations, they’re on his Instagram like every Tuesday and Friday. Stay tuned to catch him unveil his next fun sugary creation. And, if you’re worrying even until now, they’re all edible!

Matteo Stucchi, a creative and fun-loving chef, crafts adorable daily-life reflections in his delish dessert scenes.

choco buns matteo stucchi dessert scenes


tart matteo stucchi dessert scenes


biscuit sandwich matteo stucchi dessert scenes


choco loaf matteo stucchi dessert scenes


double sided momentum cookie matteo stucchi dessert scenes


sweets tree matteo stucchi dessert scenes


sweets matteo stucchi dessert scenes


cupcake matteo stucchi dessert scenes


chocolate box matteo stucchi dessert scenes

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