Meet ‘Chowder’ – The Chow Chow That Looks Just Like A Giant Plush Teddy Bear

If you’re still not convinced that dogs are hands-down the cutest pet in the world then let this fluffy pooch prove it to you. We introduce to you Chowder, the popular dog from Manila, Philippines who is currently taking social media by storm. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of adorable dogs before. But what makes this furball unique is his teddy bear-like appearance that makes him often mistaken for a plush toy.

He is a 6-year-old pure-bred Chow Chow dog. He is popularly known for his ridiculously fluffy fur and chubby cheeks that people find very similar to a cuddly teddy bear. Chow Chow is a dog breed from northern China known for its very thick double coat. The fur is particularly dense in the neck which gives it a distinctive mane appearance. Due to its fluffy mane, Chow Chow is referred to as Songshi-Quan in China which means ‘puffy lion dog’.


Chowder, the popular Chow Chow dog that looks like a plush teddy bear

With their sturdy body built, Chow Chow dogs were traditionally used as guard dogs for temples. This explains why this basal breed tend to be fiercely protective of their owners and properties. And because they are protective of their owners, Chow Chow dogs make good pets and guard dogs as they usually display discernment of strangers. Although they are naturally strong, these snuggly furballs are not excessively active. Chow Chow dog owners often find their pets lazy. And this dog is no exemption.

“He is a very lazy and relaxed dog. He loves to sleep and eat all day but at the same time, he loves walks and trips to the mall”, Chowder’s owner shares.

He is currently winning the internet, with his Instagram page quickly gaining a huge following. With more than 431,000 followers, the adorable dog is on a mission in becoming one of the top petfluencers on social media. His owners regularly updates his page by posting the latest photos and videos of his adventures. From his relaxed moments to walks and playtime, you can follow his daily escapades by following him on Instagram.


This fluffy dog is now a fast-rising internet star

Being one of the most primitive dog breeds in the world, Chow Chow dogs are considered to be temperamental. But early socialization, including exposure to children, can make them become affectionate pets. And he is here to prove that. His owner is set to oppose this stereotype about Chow Chow dogs. And nothing could be more effective than proving it on social media. It’s easy to see how this cuddly canine has brought so much joy to his owners. Sharing his cute photos on the internet allows them to share the happiness to other people too.

“We like to post every time we take a cute video or photo of him. We post because we get a lot of comments and messages from people saying that Chowder just really makes them happy,” his owner said.


Here are some of the cutest photos of the popular ‘bear dog’

Source: Instagram