14 Pictures Of Awesome Street Food From Around The World


If your love of food is only exceeded by your love of travel, then we're sure you're going to adore this! And probably get a little bit jealous… we know we are! Melissa Hie is the girl behind the blog "Girl Eat World" who is lucky enough to be able to travel frequently and experience some of the most delicious street food the world has to offer. Her photos look nothing short of mouth-watering and are pretty much guaranteed to make you hungry. Take a look at these fourteen pictures of awesome street food from around the world and see what we mean!

Website: Girl Eat World


Blue coconut ice cream in Malta.



Bingtang Hulu in China.awesome-street-food-china-bintang-hulu



Doubutsu donut in Japan.awesome-street-food-doubutsu


Bao in China.awesome-street-food-dumplings-bao


Hello Kitty donut in Japan.awesome-street-food-hello-kitty-donut


Gai Daan Zai in Hong Kong.awesome-street-food-hong-kong-gai-daan-zai


Mochi in Korea.awesome-street-food-korea-mochi


Koulouri in Greece.awesome-street-food-koulouri


Puff in Myanmar.awesome-street-food-puff


Rose gelato in Paris.awesome-street-food-rose-gelato


Taiyaki in Japan.awesome-street-food-taiyaki


Kandil simidi in Turkey.awesome-street-food-turkey-kandil-simidi


Fish and chips in England.awesome-street-food-uk-fish-and-chips


Rice paper roll in Vietnam.awesome-street-food-vietnam-spring-roll

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