13 Of The Stupidest Questions Customers Have Ever Asked – Part 2


If you’ve come straight here from the first part of this post, you will have already seen some of the most head-scratchingly stupid questions from customers to staff. But, in part two we might have even outdone ourselves. It really is astounding and kind of worrying how ridiculous some of these queries are. We mean, of course the guys who mow your lawn are going to come to you. They could hardly expect you to bring your lawn to them! The mind boggles! Here are thirteen more of the stupidest questions that customers have ever asked. Check them out!



And what medicine would that be exactly?


We wonder where he thought the bathroom would be.


Giraffes are well known for their fierce hunting skills.


Maybe try switching it on then?


It really makes you wonder about some people.


Whoever heard of a cheeseless cheese burger?


It should be quite obvious why your credit card’s not working.


Nope, that is a boy hamster.


OMG. We can’t even…


If you don’t stock Starbucks coffee in your artisan roastery, you’re obviously doomed to fail.


We’re genuinely concerned for the future of this kid.


I’m afraid not, ma’am.


Where to begin?

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