See How Popular Books Compare With Their Screen Adaptations


Reading and watching movies or TV shows are two very different endeavors in some ways, but both written and on-screen mediums are trying to tell a story. Recently, there have been more and more books adapted for TV or cinema, and many of these adaptations have been extremely popular. But, which is better? And is there an objective way to tell? The answer to that last question is "no, probably not," but that doesn't mean that we can't compare books to their adaptations. Anyone who reads a book before watching the adaptation will usually say that the book is better, but there will always be those who prefer the TV shows or movies, and other people who simply have no inclination to read the book at all. The fact is, that things often have to be left out when books are adapted into films, as there simply isn't enough time to fit it all in, and this can be disappointing for readers. Let's look at the comparison between several book and TV/movie franchises to see how they were received!
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