Artist Has Created A Sweet Range Of Tasty Food-Shaped Purses That Will Definitely Cause Heads To Turn

Have you ever loved something so much that you just want to wear it? It’s something we all have thought about. Millenials have made a trend of rebelling against corporate dress codes through wearing funky-patterned clothes. Now, you can carry around your favorite food items as loudly and proudly as you can thanks to Rommy Kuperus’ hyper-realistic food-shaped purses. Her creations are bound to turn heads and inspire cravings wherever they go!


food-shaped purses pasta clutch with model


food-shaped purses pasta clutch


zip detail of the pasta clutch


food-shaped purses nutella handbag


Rommy holds up her Nuttella bag


The 29-year old Rotterdam-based purse designer started her brand, ROMMYDEBOMMY, in 2015. Before starting her business, Rommy was taking a product design course at a Dutch art school. However, when her teachers called her an “extreme case”, Rommy realized that she didn’t belong there, so she “ran out of the classroom and never went back”. And instead of wallowing over her teachers’ criticism, Rommy decided to channel her energy towards creating. “After six months, huge newspapers all over the world called my name,” she mused. When asked why she chose to work with food, Rommy said:

“I always have been a girl who doesn’t like the mainstream thing that you see on the streets. Making food purses from patterned printing fabrics is too easy for me. I really like to create the impossible. Food has always [been] my biggest interest. I love the look of it. All those shapes, different colors, and textures. It’s incredible. Since I couldn’t find purses who look like real foods on the internet or in stores, I started to create them myself.”

ROMMYDEBOMMY is a one-woman company.


food-shaped purses candy clutch


zip detail of the candy clutch


food-shaped purses strawberry shortcake


food-shaped purses strawberry shortcake close up


Since ROMMYDEBOMMY’s launch in 2015, people from all over the world have stumbled upon and fallen in love with her extraordinary handicrafts. Her brand, just like her products, reflects the artist’s personality and pride. In fact, the brand’s name is inspired from her name!

“Rommy is my name. Translated from Dutch to English, it should mean something like ‘Rommy the Bomb’… which means that you’re awesome. You also see an exploding bomb in my logo.”

We Love This Food-Shaped Purse


food-shaped sprinkle cake


food-shaped purses cake shoulder bag


food-shaped purses birthday cake


big and small sprinkle cake clutch


We’ve got more reasons to love Rommy though. We all know that it can take a village to run a business. But when asked if anyone helps her with the management of her brand, the artist explained:

“From taking photos, Photoshop, marketing, social media, etc. I’m a really stubborn person who likes to do everything by herself!”

Over the years, Rommy’s bags have caught the eye of the world. In 2016, Holland’s Next Top Model featured her creations. Rommy has also made the covers of several Dutch fashion magazines and newspapers since her brand’s launch. Most recently, the Dutch designer has begun making waves in the Asian fashion industry as well. Rommy’s fascinating food-shaped purses are slowly taking over the world and we are so here for it!

Make mouths water with your street style with these food-shaped purses.


food-shaped purses cheese purse


food-shaped purses close up detail of cheese purse


food-shaped purses muffin tray


food-shaped purses tray of chocolate muffins


According to Rommy, she’s created over 400 food-shaped purses since she began 4 years ago. Aside from patterned printing fabric, the designer also uses different sorts of clay and foam to achieve her purses’ hyper-realistic effect. And since her products are handmade, it “takes 3 weeks to create a bag”.

Some of her fans have expressed their concern regarding the bag’s overall weight. But Rommy has assured them that “they are the lightest thing you ever carried around”! She’s even shared photos of her weighing her work, and surprisingly, they weigh no more than 200 grams! It seems that we’ve finally found the most guiltless way of satisfying our sweet cravings. Her food-shaped crafts ship worldwide.  The best part? She accepts custom orders.

This is the perfect purse to take out on a movie date.


food-shaped purses popcorn purse


This red velvet clutch is fit for the red carpet!


food-shaped purses red velvet handbag


Show off your love for M&Ms with this purse.


food-shaped purses spilled bag of mms


Rommy shared that her favorite food is actually salad.


food-shaped purses vegetable salad


Ah, avocado toast.


food-shaped purses avocado toast purse


Fancy a baguette?


food-shaped purses baguette


The designer admitted that she has a love-hate relationship with making donuts.


food-shaped purses donut


We’d use this for a breakfast date.


 pancake bag


How about a fried egg purse to keep you on the sunny side?


food-shaped purses fried egg


Rommy has also begun to experiment with other accessories.


hot pepper bow tie


clip-on 'bow' ties


While many of Rommy’s pieces are for aesthetic purposes only, some do have space inside for your phone, money, keys, and other essentials.


 lays bag


These food-shaped purses will surely make a wonderful gift this Christmas. No, scratch that! These food-inspired accessories are perfect gifts any time of the year! And if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably jotted this down in your holiday shopping list. Browse through her one-of-a-kind collection at her Etsy store today! You’d better be quick about clicking “Add to Cart” though, because she can only make so much now that the holidays are fast approaching.
Grab yourself one of these purses today!

Photo credit: RommyDeBommy