20 Adorable Photos Of Cats With Their Mini-Mes

Cats are infamous for their aloofness and indifference towards almost everything that’s around them. However, they do have a soft spot too, especially when it comes to their kittens. Likewise, mother cats can also get quite overprotective of their young ones, especially when they sense an imminent threat ahead. So, it’s definitely heartwarming to see kittens adoring their supermoms and bearing uncanny similarities with them just like their mini-mes.

We could all probably agree that kittens are the next cutest things to cats! Combine them together in one frame, and you’ll definitely get a cuteness overload! So, it’s not entirely surprising that cat owners and lovers alike are fond of taking photos of these furballs together. Well, if you’re in need of a mood booster, then we suggest you keep scrolling down. These photos of cats together their miniature twins will surely put a smile on your face!


“Look at these little fluffy cat nuggets”

gray cats with their mini-mes


Tabby Queen and Her Kitten

tabby cat with her mini-me


“Growing is amazing!”

white cat and kitten reaching for countertop


“The cutest little guy”

cat and her mini-me

Feral cat colonies are typically matriarchal in nature. As such, female cats are more dominant than males and are often regarded as queens. More often than not, queens can get along well with each other. In fact, there may be instances where they act as midwives for each other and they even nurse each other’s kittens. Moreover, the mother cats also join forces to drive away intruders to the colony.


“Like father, like son.”

cat and kitten sleeping in the same position


Matryoshka Cats

cats lined up like matryoshka dolls


“Like mother, like daughter”

cat and her mini-me yawning


“Little Tux & Big Tux”

black cat and her kitten

Giving birth is a crucial moment for cats. Expecting mother cats usually look for quiet and cozy spaces where they can deliver their babies safely. So, if your cat is pregnant, it’s important to help her create a conducive spot for labor. You may do this by preparing a box that’s lined with a towel and place it in a quiet and dim room.


“Adult cat forces kitten to STFU.”

adult cat forces kitten to stop talking


“My cat and my GF’s kitten are getting along.”

cat and kitten sleeping together


Momma Cat and Her Mini-me

cat and her mini-me on a ladder


“Mama cat hugs her kitten”

mama cat hugging her kitten

Once the kittens are born, it’s typical of the mother to lick the kittens to remove the amniotic sacs around their bodies. Just like dogs, you would probably also notice her chew on the kittens’ umbilical cords and eat their placentas. Cats intuitively know how to deliver their litter without any help. So, it’s best to just observe the entire process from a distance.


Follow the Leader

kitten following its mother


“No matter how much…”

cat and her mini-mes


“My cat appears to be growing a kitten out of his belly…”

cat and mini-me lying on red couch


“My foster cat and her mini-me”

black cat with mini-me

Keep in mind also that maternal aggression is common among cats, as with most mammals. Upon giving birth, their hormones cause them to develop protective instincts towards their young ones. As such, it’s not advisable to play with the kittens or separate them from their mother immediately.


Big Cat, Little Cat

black cat and her mini-me
Susan Greene


“Acela and Gingerginza”

singapura cat and her mini-me
Sakura Ishihara


“Kitten with the momma cat version 2.0”

kitten with mother cat


“My sister is fostering a cat family and she walked in the room to see this snuggle action”

cat and her mini-me curled up sleeping

Most experts suggest leaving the kittens with their mom for about six to ten weeks. It is during this period when kittens learn physical coordination and social skills mostly by observing their mother. Likewise, studies have also shown that kittens that spend more time with their mother often grow up to be more socialized.