People Share Photos Of Their “Cats In Quarantine” And They’ll Make Your Day

How are you holding up with home quarantine? Let these hilarious photos of cats in quarantine brighten up your boring day. You can thank us later.

The coronavirus outbreak has forced most parts of the world to go on a lockdown. And this is probably the first time for most of us to undergo home quarantine indefinitely. For pets however, staying at home isn’t something new. We use to leave them home early in the morning and only get the chance to cuddle with them after work.

Needless to say, we have no idea how it feels like to be like them – confined inside homes with nowhere else to go. Now that we are mandated to stay at and work from home, this quarantine may come as a blessing as disguise for our pets. They can now have more time with us and based from these photos of cats in quarantine, they are sure loving it.


Cats in Quarantine We Can All Relate To


Apparently, pet owners are able to witness what their animal companions usually do on a regular basis. People have been sharing photos of their cats in quarantine and we can only relate to these indoor felines. As expected, clingy kitties would try to distract their humans from getting their work done in the most amusing ways.  And it’s as if they’re aware of what’s happening, some cats are also hilariously practicing social distancing.

We’ve collected the cutest photos of cats in quarantine to help you through this very difficult time




Can a cat catch coronavirus?

Pet owners were alarmed when a Pomeranian dog in Hong Kong has tested ‘weak positive’ for coronavirus. The shocking news has raised concerns about the possibility of human-to-pet transmission. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) debunked this speculation stating that there’s no evidence that animals can be infected with the new coronavirus the same way as humans. It’s also important to point out that flu is a common illness in various animals including cats and dogs. And it’s highly likely that the allegedly infected Pomeranian only had a common flu. But take note that severe cases of flu can be fatal to animals.


















Videos of Cats in Quarantine