You Can Now Get Your Dog A Tiny Sofa From Aldi

Miniature furniture specifically made for pets is now a trend. So, Aldi Australia is bringing back its line of tiny sofas for dogs. Last year, the giant supermarket released an adorable pet collection for both cats and dogs. The Pampered Pets Special Buys included a cute range of pet products including miniature sofas, mats, throw blankets, bowls and toys. Aldi’s pet collection was an absolute hit and people immediately fell in love with the luxurious miniature furniture for dogs.

If you missed the popular sofas last year, now is your chance to get one. Aldi Australia is set to bring back the Pampered Pets collection which will go on sale March 21st. Of course, it includes the chic sofa for your furry canine to perch on like a royalty. Just like the previous range, the new collection features miniature sofas in small and large sizes. The small version will set you back $59.99 and can support up to 15kg of weight, perfect for small pooches. If you have larger dogs, the large size would be most suitable. It can comfortably accommodate large dogs and can support up to 45kgs of weight. The larger sofa costs $99.99.

aldi tiny sofas for dogs dark grey

Just like the previous collection, the new range also includes sofas in two different colors – dark grey and light grey. However, the new miniature sofas come in plain solid colors compared to last year’s patterned design. Mark your calendar and check out your nearest Aldi stores to beat the crowd. And don’t forget to check out other pet care essentials included in the collection as well. Expect that the plush pet furniture won’t be staying long on the shelves. So it’s best to be quick. Pamper your precious doggo with all the good things by giving them one of these luxurious sofas.

aldi tiny sofas for dogs


aldi pampered pets special buy mini furniture for dogs


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