28 Times Cats Were Spotted Hilariously Crashing Nativity Scenes

With the much anticipated Christmas holiday only a few days away, there is no doubt that you’re probably already set up for the occasion. Piles of gifts are already taking up space beneath your tree, and treats have filled the stockings you’ve put up! On a more religious note, you’ve also most likely recreated the nativity scene, as an indication that you honor the reason behind this festive holiday. All these glitzy decorations are bound to attract the attention of our beloved cats. Their curiosity is boundless, and their ability to fit in tight spaces astounds us every time they do it.

This feline fondness for squeezing themselves in seemingly impossible places is part of their charm. As we, the people of the Internet, have so lovingly coined it, cats will sit anywhere as long as they fit. Nothing is safe from this odd feline behavior – boxes, drawers, hats, paper bags… you name it! Some cat’s probably curled up inside it and made it their exclusive territory already!

Can you imagine then, how enticing a miniature replica of the nativity scene could be to a kitty? Its decorations are perfect for knocking over, there’s even a manger to lie on, and most importantly, it presents them another perfect opportunity to be the center of attention. How perfect is that? It’s basically a kitty magnet, if you ask us. In the spirit of the merry holiday season, we’ve compiled some photos of cats squeezing into their human’s nativity scene and making it a hundred times cooler. See for yourself below!


And then the little baby Jesus was carried off by the Catosaurus. The end.



Our cat Loki invaded next door’s nativity scene, his face is hilarious

his face is hilarious


Day 7. Do they still suspect nothing

they still suspect nothing


The Jesus in our crib is a bit fat, furry, and pointy eared… but undeniably cute!

the jesus in our crib


Little angel

little angel


At my friend’s church, the church cat has evicted the baby Jesus from the manger

cat evicts baby jesus from the manger


There was a cat in the manger with baby Jesus

there was a cat in the manger with baby jesus


Cat-ivity in NYC

cat-ivity in NYC


My parents put up a nativity thing, tell me why my cat is chilling in there, lookin like Jesus

cat chilling in nativity decor





And the angel said unto them, “Behold, a cat stuffed into a manger”

cat stuffs itself into the manger


My in-law’s cat is really getting into the Christmas spirit this year

cat is really getting into the christmas spirit


What’s this you brought me? Frankincense?

what have you brought me


This is my house now

this is my house now


Dad sent me this picture with the comment, “He brought gold, frankincense, and purr”

he brought gold, frankincense, and purr


“Baby in a manger” (by the way, her name is actually Baby)

baby in a manger


Parent’s cat decided to become part of the nativity scene

cat decided to be part of the nativity scene


Found the cat laying in the middle of the nativity scene

cat laying in the middle of a the nativity scene


Jesus looks a bit hairrier than I expected

hairy jesus


Nativity cat

nativity cat

There’s an old Christmas legend involving a tabby cat who befriended Mary and Joseph on the night Jesus was born which may explain why you see tiny figurines of cats in nativity scenes. As the legend goes, or so our cat tells us, Mary was so grateful to the little barn cat for watching over baby Jesus all night long that she reached down and petted his head. This, the story explains, is why tabby cats typically have a letter M marking on their forehead.


Christmas is cancelled by a giant cat that squashed baby Jesus and ate the 3 wise men

giant cat cancels christmas


Come they told him meow meow meow. Zara has come to pay her respects to the new born King

zara has come to pay respects


Awaaaaay In The Manger… Oh…

away in the manger


On my morning run, I came across this cat-tivating scene

a cativating scene


One is not like the others

not like the others


We decided to showcase the cat that was at the First Christmas

cat at the first christmas


Huge sheep in the nativity scene at our house

huge sheep in the nativity scene


Landlord kitty has no sympathy for your sad tale, Mary

landlord kitty

These cats’ hilariously adorable nativity scene takeovers are just too precious! Has your kitty ever done something like this? Which takeover did you like best? Tell us in the comment section below!