17 Cats That Have Incredible and Rare Fur Markings

We all know that cats come in many interesting forms. Genetic mutations mean that felines are beautifully unique when it comes to their looks. Selective breeding can also be responsible for producing some stunning fur patterns. Not only are some cats wonderful to look at, but they can make us laugh unexpectedly too!

Take a look below to see some amazing cats that have crazy fur markings!

‘I am the Batcat’

This cat clearly possesses a wonderful heart.

That nose! We bet this kitty gets a lot of kisses!

The Queen Of Spades at your service!

This cat has a cat on its back…

Can you see the sword within?

When you take a closer look… adorable!

This one isn’t immediately obvious. If you didn’t get it, the clue is that this cat possesses a number on its face…

Keep Going To See More!

The markings on this cat’s chin make it look permanently surprised!

Exclamation mark!

This is Sam. His eyebrow markings make him look rather concerned about everything!

We hope that this cat doesn’t receive any prejudice for looking like Hitler.

Cinnamon roll. What a scrumptious kitty.

When you forget to take off your eye make up and look in the mirror the next morning…

This feline is absolutely stunning!

Beautiful marble cat.

What an adorable mustache!