This Gingerbread Imperial Star Destroyer Puts Regular Gingerbread Houses To Shame

There are two major events to look forward to in the month of December. Those are Christmas and the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. And what better way to celebrate than with this giant gingerbread Imperial Star Destroyer? The impressive pastry was created by a Stockholm-based Star Bakery. You may be able to guess what this bakery does. And, if you say that it creates Star Wars themed goodies then you’re absolutely right.

Star Bakery makes gingerbreads shaped like iconic Star Wars space crafts and combat vehicles. But the bakery’s masterpiece is, without a doubt, this giant Imperial Star Destroyer. The stunning piece was on display at the office of the video game company DICE. It is important to point out that this video game developer is the one that brought us the Star Wars Battlefront series.


The construction of the Imperial Star Destroyer


gingerbread imperial star destroyer construction


The stunning result


However, the giant gingerbread Imperial Star Destroyer wasn’t actually the bakery’s first creation. They started out by making a Millennium Falcon. From the base up, the piece was entirely made of gingerbread. Then they used frosting to finish off the details. The Millennium Falcon was later followed by a bigger creation – the Imperial AT-AT Walker. Take a look at how they constructed these delicious pieces of art.


Gingerbread Millennium Falcon


Gingerbread Imperial AT-AT Walker


If you want to see more Star Wars treats then check out this Millennium Falcon cake by baker Maddie Lu. And perhaps you can find some inspiration from these creations for your next bake. Are you ready to make the best Star Wars goodies in the galaxy?

Source: Instagram