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beer mug socks

Beer Mug Socks/Leg Warmers Exist And They Even Have Handles

When a Reddit user posted a photo of what it seems like a pair of beer mug socks, it instantly became a hot item. All of a sudden, people were asking where to find the whimsical-looking socks. And what’s not to love about these beer mug socks? They l...
milkyway salted caramel

Milky Way Are Launching A Delicious New Salted Caramel Flavor

Fans of all things sweet and salty will definitely love the new Milky Way Salted Caramel bar. Just recently, Milky Way teased its fans on its Twitter and Instagram pages with a photo of a question mark topped with white particles. Fans were quick to ...
oreo boo

Oreo Boo Cookies Have 5 New Spooky Designs This Halloween

Yay, Halloween is just around the corner and we know what this means – trick or treat! Candies are not the only treats that you can give this spooky season but also cookies as well. This is why Oreo, the best-selling cookie in the world, offers the O...