M&M’s Key Lime Pie Flavor Is On The Way

It seems that M&M’s always has something ready for any season, holiday, and moment. Just think back to when they treated us to their Holiday Mint variety in the previous holiday season. We’ve seen and tasted plenty of exciting new flavor combinations from the candy chocolate brand over the years. And it seems that they aren’t stopping any time soon because they’ve apparently got something ready for Easter 2021 already! When your Easter candy shopping begins, you just might find the new M&M’s Key Lime Pie waiting for you to pluck it from the shelf!

Springtime makes us think of pastels, refreshing sips, and light bites. And key lime pie is one of springtime bites that you just can’t help but crave on a sunny Spring day! Its zesty yet sweet flavor is a very good embodiment of the season’s whimsical flavor. And now you can indulge your tangy dessert craving anytime, anywhere with the new M&M’s Key Lime Pie treats!

M&M's Key Lime Pie


Liven up your Easter 2021 basket with M&M’s Key Lime Pie

Instagram candy hunter @candyhunting did spot it mysteriously uploaded on Meijer’s website. And naturally, the sweet sleuth spread the word about the new candy chocolate flavor. Mars Inc. hasn’t made an official statement about the key lime pie-flavored candy chocolate yet, but we can make do with what we can see from the packaging! From the image uploaded on Meijer’s website, the M&M’s Key Lime Pie offering will come in 2.47-ounce bags.

The candy chocolates inspired by the southern specialty will contain white chocolate that’s coated in white and different shades of green. We’re definitely looking forward to how Mars Inc. will pull off blending together the tart flavor of key lime pie and the sweetness of white chocolate. This is definitely a shoo-in in our Easter 2021 candy haul!