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life hacks part one

12 Handy Life Hacks Everyone Should Know – Part 1

Life can be tough enough as it is, so there's no need to make it any harder than it has to be. That's where life hacks come in useful. If you can do something to save precious time and/or money that could be better used elsewhere, or make your chores...
Disney Princesses Short Hair

12 ‘Disney’ Princesses Reimagined With Short Hair

  One of the 'trademark' looks of 'Disney' princesses is their long and glamorous locks. Sometimes, their hair is integral to their story, imagine if 'Rapunzel' had short hair... what would her story be then? And, would you be able to come to t...
Lindsay Peace Changes Tattoo Transgender Teen

Awesome Mom Of Transgender Teen Updates Her Tattoo To Support Him

There is no question that transgender teen Ace has the loving support of both his parents. Ace was born a girl to Steve and Lindsay Peace 15 years ago. When Ace was around 8, Steve tattooed an image of her onto Lindsay... just like he did when their ...