Pet Owners Share The Clever Ideas They Came Up With To Pet-Proof Their Christmas Trees

Jingle bells! The holiday season is here and if there’s anyone who’s as excited as we are, that’s our beloved pets. The sight of a well-decorated Christmas tree is a feast to their eyes…and mouth!

In order to avoid seeing broken ornaments all over the place, here are 15 pet-proof hacks to keep your Christmas tree safe and sound from cats and dogs.

100% Dog Proof

Don’t Let the Decors Fool You

Too Cute for Words

Nope. This cage is for the tree. Move over cat.

Problem Solved

Taking Things To A Whole New Level

Safe and Handy

Put It Inside A Dog Cage

100% Cat, Dog and People Proof

Ain’t It A Sight to Behold?

It’s All About The Framing

Pretty Sure Your Pet Won’t Reach It and Stop Staring at It

You Can Look All You Want, But You Can’t Touch!

When All Else Fails…