There’s A Plushie Hospital In Japan That Restores “Sick” Plush Toys Back To Good Health

There are those toys that get swapped for something new and there are those that are loved to death. By death we mean that the colors are faded and there are open or fraying seams. If you have ever had to say goodbye to a plush toy due to snuggles and endless play then this post will bring hope to you. You may even relive some childhood memories to. In Japan there is a plushie hospital. The Fumofu Land & Nuigurumi Health Corporation Mofumofukai Plush Hospital fixes your toys so they look as good as new. Take a look at some toys who have been in recovery, the results will melt your heart.


Fumofu Land & Nuigurumi Health Corporation is a plushie hospital where toys just like this one are treated

Sad Plush Toy


The Doctor Will See You Now

The company restores old plush toys that are worn-out and they do so in the cutest way. They take adorable photos of the recovery process which shows plush doctors and nurses fixing the patients. Everything from the toys health evaluation to the plushies relaxing is shared on the company’s Twitter account. This shows that the loved patients are well taken care of.

Toy Hospital




Before and After

According to the plush hospital’s official website they are a “hospital for important stuffed animals that are members of the family”. The owner has discussed how they have realized that certain toys are very important and can feel like members of the family.

Furry Plush


Fixed Plush


Ill Teddy


Toys Get The Best Treatment

The company also has a “Stuffed Animal Medical Laboratory” where they research new techniques for stitching up patients for different extents of damage. This is to ensure that all patients receive the best and most advanced care.

All Fixed


Panda Toy

The hospital has three key rules or promises. 1. Quality (technology), 2. Care (heart) and 3. Event (fun). “A team of doctors will make every effort to ensure that any patient of any age and any severe condition can be [treated] and stay with their family”.

Toy Hospital 2


Lots of Toys


Recovered Dog

The hospital ensures that every cuddly patient goes through all of the caring procedures. Treatment begins with an examination by Ino who is a medical professional with a stethoscope. They can also be kept company to if they feel lonely. This hospital takes mental wellness very seriously so the toys will be taken care of and they can be read stories.

Recovering Toy


Recovered Teddy

Each patient can also have one toy visitor to. If they don’t have anyone to accompany them then there will be someone to care of them and keep them company to. The hospital even has a shampoo and treatment agent for stuffed skin so toys can have a relaxing bath. “It is a gentle bath esthetic that is safe even for patients with sensitive skin. We clean the body while healing the patient’s skin and heart.”

Poorly Bear


All Better


Initial Bear


Recovery Beds


Fixed Toy


Poorly Penguin


Fixed Penguin




Cute Plush


Relaxing Toy


Fixed Duck


Fixed Cat


Fixed Rabbit