“2D Cafe” In Japan Is A Real Cafe And Looks Just Like A Cartoon

Just when we thought 2D graphics no longer have a place in this modern age, here comes this remarkable cafe in Japan. Appropriately named 2D Cafe, this newly-opened cafe is like a comic book that has come alive. If you want to experience how it feels like stepping into a comic book, you really need to check this extraordinary cafe. Located in Shin Okubo district, Tokyo’s Korean Town, you can reach the place 3 minutes on foot from Shin-Okubo Station. It is important to point that there is a similar coffee shop in Korea but that has nothing to do with Tokyo’s 2D Cafe Shin Okubo.

tokyo 2d cafe entrance

In Japan, comic books (manga in Japanese) have become integral parts of Japanese mainstream culture. So, it’s no surprise to see a shop that is mainly inspired by comic book graphics. Starting from the entrance, you will be welcomed by a monochrome décor. Doors, windows, chairs, tables, walls, furniture, virtually everything inside are white with edges overlaid with uneven black lines that resemble outlining strokes. The monochrome ambience will surely give you the impression of being sucked into a black-and-white cartoon.

tokyo 2d cafe monochrome decor


tokyo 2d cafe monochrome interior

Shin-Okubo 2D Cafe in Tokyo features monochrome interior that replicates graphics in Japanese comic books

tokyo 2d cafe monochrome wall furniture


tokyo 2d cafe real life comic book


tokyo 2d cafe comic book inspired


tokyo 2d cafe monochrome tables chairs


tokyo 2d cafe flat surface


tokyo 2d cafe two-dimensional interior

The interior indeed projects a two-dimensional world that is entirely different from our reality. You can live in the moment as you wait for your order to arrive. The 2D Cafe is more than just its exceptional façade. As a cafe, it offers a wide variety of luscious bubble teas. Its bestseller is the brown sugar milk tea that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Other equally-appetizing bubbles teas include strawberry, mango, and peach. In addition to bubbles teas, 2D Cafe also offers a wide range of shaved ice bowl in different flavors – peach, pineapple, mango, azuki beans, banana, blueberry, and strawberry. The colorful desserts are so colorful that they ironically contrast the monochrome ambience. So when your order arrives, the vivid colors of the food and drinks will instantly bring you back to reality.

tokyo 2d cafe customer

Tokyo’s 2D Cafe offers bubbles teas and shaved ice desserts in different flavors

tokyo 2d cafe mango milk tea chaved ice


tokyo shin okubo 2d cafe customer


tokyo 2d cafe peach milk tea


tokyo 2d cafe strawberry milk tea


tokyo 2d cafe brown sugar milk tea


tokyo 2d cafe mango milk tea


tokyo 2d cafe counter

Enter the world of cartoon, chill out, and enjoy some deliciously sweet drinks and desserts in Tokyo’s 2D Cafe. This out-of-this-world cafe gives us another reason to visit Japan as soon as possible.

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