Tomasz Pietek Creates This Awesome Anatomical Muscle-Suit That He Wears While Riding His Bicycle

Bike and racing enthusiast Tomasz Pietek has admired the equipment of professional cycling teams from a very young age. Eventually growing up to be an amateur racer himself, he loved dressing like a pro. Becoming bored with blending in with the crowd, he started to think about some more original and out-there cycling-wear. 

Landing on the idea of a muscle print cycle suit, he got to designing one. After months of work and much anatomical research it was still going to take another year or two to find a company able to bring the concept to life. Finally though, the job was complete! And of course Tomasz has been turning heads ever since. Check out the awesome photos below, and if you’re interested in owning this fantastic suit there is a website link below that sells many variances of it.
Website: MuscleSkinSuit