Cap’n Crunch’s Ocean Blue Maple Syrup Will Take Your Pancakes To The Next Level

First, we got color-changing cereal. And now, The Quaker Oats Company is shaking things up with the announcement of their upcoming Ocean Blue Maple Syrup! And we’re pretty sure that this was made specifically to go with the new Cap’n Crunch Berrytastic Pancake Mix. We can’t wait to board this dreamy breakfast boat!

For the longest time, we’ve only ever known pancake syrups to come in a golden hue. We’ve got absolutely nothing against the color, but sometimes, seeing the same old thing can get boring. Clearly someone over at The Quaker Oats Company understands this dilemma and decided that it was time to bring together two of their brands to jazz things up. The syrup is the result of Cap’n Crunch and Aunt Jemima, so you can expect a deliciously whimsical morning treat!


Cap’n Crunch and Aunt Jemima came together and made the Ocean Blue Maple Syrup

A number of Instagram snack accounts like @snackgator, @cereallife, and @candyhunting have posted the exciting new maple syrup that Quaker Oats announced from out of the blue. These two products follow in the heels of IHOP’s cereal pancake offering, which coincidentally also offers a Cap’n Crunch pancake. However IHOP’s offering comes drizzled with “blue vanilla sparkle sauce” instead of the blue syrup. We’re pretty sure that both blue syrups (or, sauces…) taste divine and make the pancakes they’re topping even more irresistible!

The mesmerizing syrup comes in 24-ounce bottles. So you’ll have more than enough to pour over your Cap’n Crunch pancakes. However, if the bright blue hue’s got you wondering how it affects the syrup’s taste, rest easy. It may be blue, but it still tastes like good old maple syrup. According to PR rep, you’ll be spotting this blue maple syrup on Walmart shelves in the later half of March. We’re already looking forward to “shiploads of morning fun” with this drizzled on all our pancakes!