17 Awesome Tree Ornaments Any Harry Potter Fan Will Love

Those of us who love the Harry Potter franchise would jump for joy if presented with a Christmas tree full of Potter-related ornaments. If you fancy geeking out over Christmas tree decorations this year, then look no further than these awesome tree ornaments that would look equally at home in The Burrow. The muggles in your life might not understand, but you can let them get on with whatever it is that they do and have yourself a magical Christmas.

These golden snitch ornaments are adorable.

If you’re the crafty type, it’s fairly easy to make your own. 

These ornaments in Slytherin colors adorned with unforgivable curses represent the darker side of wizarding life.

Hopefully you’ll have more luck with your Remembrall than Neville did. 

Your mischief will have been managed before you know it with these Polyjuice potion ornaments.

Make sure you keep these hidden from You-Know-Who.

These miniature book cover ornaments are adorable. 

10 points to Gryffindor! 

Support your house, or represent them all.

A Christmas tree might not seem like the safest place for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to stash a horcrux. Talk about hiding something in plain sight!

This tiny version of the Christmas jumper Mrs. Weasley knitted for Harry is appropriately festive.

Remember these guys? Not as cute as they look.

Hang this as a sign to other wizards that you believe in the Deathly Hallows.

These DIY Harry Potter ornaments are simple, yet effective.

This one can be made using a clear, fillable bauble.

Just in case any of your guests need to use the floo network.

This miniature version of Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter makes an excellent tree ornament.

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