11 Natural Homemade Remedies To Make You Feel Healthy This Winter


It's that time of year again when colds and coughs rear their very ugly heads. The winter can be magical and fun but it is often the time we find ourselves catching illnesses that can easily be passed on to other unfortunate people. Schools, colleges and workplaces are prime locations for getting ill. So, what can you do to prevent and treat coughs and colds? Plenty! Take a look!


This homemade garlic salve is a perfect cure-all for babies. Instructions here.


How about making your own homemade cough lollipops? Instructions here.


These homemade Vicks shower tablets will ensure you can breathe easily! Instructions here.


Have a go at making your own vapor rub. Instructions here.


This homemade saline solution is amazing! Instructions here.



Try out this cold-buster tea and you'll be feeling excellent in no time. Instructions here.


Find out how to make this DIY electrolyte drink for when you need to rehydrate. Instructions here.


These coconut gummies are a tasty way of warding illness away! Instructions here.


Mix lemon, honey and sugar to make a homemade cough and cold syrup.


Make your own warming cayenne cough remedy. Instructions here.


And finally, try making your own lemon and honey cough drops to see you through the winter. Instructions here.

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