This Is How Social Media Would Be Advertised In The 1950s


We love vintage ads here at Awesome Inventions, but have you ever wondered what the adverts for modern social media sites might look like if they'd existed in the 1950s? The people over at 'MaxiMidia Brazil' obviously did, because they commissioned a series of vintage style posters to be made showing what ads for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype might have been like if they were around in the '50s. These posters were designed by the 'Moma ad agency' in Sao Paulo, Brazil and illustrated by '6B Studios'. At first glance, these adverts really look at though they could have come from the 1950s, until you see what brands they're touting. We think everything should be advertised in a 1950s style. It would certainly convince us to buy more products! Now, check them out!
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What brand would you like to see given the 1950s treatment? Let us know in the comment section below!

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