Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Forget the local drive-through, check this breakfast sandwich maker out! Place the required food pieces in the machine, flick it on and wait 5 minutes to have the perfect artery clogging sandwich!

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  1. Lorna Helena Belle Dalziel


  2. Robert Holmes

    Egg Mcmuffin anyone?

  3. Mike Scherl

    great idea going 2 order it now cant wait for it.

  4. Kris Kininmonth-Reese


  5. Dawn Richter

    Gotta have one!!

  6. Aaron Smith

    this has Jared Lerch written all over it.

    • Jared Lerch

      Buy me this please!

  7. Aaron Smith

    this has Jared Lerch written all over it.

  8. Barbara Benedict

    Would love to have one if it could substitute Canadian Bacon for regular BACON!

  9. Brianna Potts

    Scott Potts this really makes me think of you, lol.

  10. Alyssa Propst

    Austin, cheaper than all the trips you make to Dunkins.

    • Diana Lynn Grubbs

      or mc donalds

  11. Cody Graham

    How's it work, has anyone got it yet I'm really thinking of buying but I don't want a dud

  12. Helen Shreeve

    Why is this only in dollars? I need it in pounds and sold in the UK pleeeaaaase!

    • Ambrosia Hicks Roberts

      Want me to bring one with me when I come? 🙂

    • Helen Shreeve

      YES!!!!! 😀

  13. Tracy Hewitt

    I am so going to get one of these.

  14. Annika-Jane Phillips

    Think sy's work needs one for their canteen…

  15. Annika-Jane Phillips

    Think sy's work needs one for their canteen…

  16. Karen Litten

    I want this x

  17. Karen Litten

    I want this x

  18. Sherri Filley


  19. Earl Jackson

    Lifetime guarantee, 20 years before you die.

  20. Travis Smith

    I had 1 of these that was attached to a toaster worked great made delicious sandwiches but only got 1 month of uses out of it then it stopped working…

  21. Peter Brown

    Bacon maker

  22. Peter Brown

    Bacon maker

  23. Meg I. Black

    Must purchase!

  24. Neil Brimelow

    Duncan this is what you need !

  25. Wyatt Fabre

    Antoinette Massicci Fabre.

  26. Rhea Verma

    It's just like Mc Donalds.

  27. Eileen Kinloch

    Yuck yuck yuck

    • Elsa Baggzy Scott

      Noooooooooo noooooo nooooooo horrid!!

    • Marlyn Sutherland

      Who is selling this………..

  28. Ashley Bernklau

    Have to have it

  29. Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar

    what if you don't like eggs sunny side up.

  30. Stacie Killon

    Perfect for my partner as he can make his own breakfasts! Lol

  31. Heidi Collette Turner

    No he would prb still get u 2 do it

  32. Heidi Collette Turner

    No he would prb still get u 2 do it

  33. Josh Cloutier


  34. Aaron Andrew

    Mother of god.

  35. Lisa Higgins

    Does this actually work good?

  36. Giddy Harmsworth

    why's this site not sell the products they show pretty stupid no every time you pressds more info it just crashes dosent show you where to buy it.

  37. Justin Bareika

    Fuck you McDonalds I can DIY this shit lmao

  38. Russ Young

    I actually have one of these in the camper!!! Lol

  39. SherryandRodney Simmons

    Haha like this one

  40. Liz McChesney

    bought 1 off another site…not so good… save your $$$.

  41. Sarah Elizabeth Christensen Is where you buy it, for anyone that the site crashes for :3.

  42. Anthony Woodley

    would love this

  43. Sondra Calhoun

    Lmao!!! Yep!!!

  44. Sondra Calhoun

    So gonna get one!!! I do love my biscuits!! 🙂 yaaay!!

  45. Norma Rodriguez Gamez

    I'm about to buy it!! Please somebody tell me if it really works!??

  46. Jaime Dwight

    I saw this at target yesterday, i think it was 29.99 buy it there and you can return it if it doesn't work

  47. Melony Kastien Dodge

    I'm a gettin one!!!! 🙂

  48. Katelyn Muncy-Feyh

    they sell em at walmart 29 dollars

  49. Ronaldo Kaka Kaka

    that is great !
    I planing
    What do you think?

  50. Ronaldo Kaka Kaka

    Buy Breakfast Sandwich Maker
    I planing
    What do you think?

  51. Renee Toosmartforthepart Faulk

    Just bought this for my husband for Christmas… He saw it and said "it gotta have that thing" and I said to myself DING..CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!..LOL

  52. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    You can Buy Breakfast Sandwich Maker from here :

  53. James Campbell


  54. Jo Hunneybunny Taylor

    Lol @justin but yh I agree its mint

  55. Jo Hunneybunny Taylor

    Was it any good

  56. Renee Toosmartforthepart Faulk

    Omg!!! Yeeessss.. It's freakin AWESOME! Quick, easy and clean-up is a breeze… 🙂

  57. Jo Hunneybunny Taylor

    Thanx hun

  58. Sanaseeri Mohammed

    ok how can i get this ??

  59. Bailey Taillon

    have it…its fun when you first get it but then eventually is pointless and way more work and timing then making it yourself, not worth it in my opinion.

  60. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    Love it

  61. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    Love it

  62. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    Bailey this has you all over it lol

  63. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    Bailey this has you all over it lol

  64. Tammy Braswell


  65. Heather Sampson

    Daddy please!!!!!! Thomas Sampson

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