Egg And Muffin Toaster

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Making breakfast in the morning shouldn't be hard work especially when your still half asleep! So with one of these egg and muffin toasters you'll be munching away in no time! This toaster features 4 slots for things like muffins, bagels and toast. Egg cooker that can steam poach or scramble eggs and also heat up pre cooked meats. YUM!

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  1. Lisa Bui


  2. Luke Dalton

    Dude gotta get me one these bad boys!!

  3. Paddy Trott

    This is crap won't even let u buy it

  4. Sue Hipson Jamieson

    Can this product be used ( electrically ) in Australia?

  5. Ginette Malone

    Cool Gift Idea!

  6. Luke Peterson

    I want one.

  7. Tiffani Roberts

    it works really good I had one for a good year. there are little frying pans for the eggs and it kinda steams the eggs to cook them just be gentle with the pans the non-stick stuff started flaking off after a while.

  8. Shyra Smith

    Awesome indeed

  9. Vanita Srinivasan

    Cool! could do with one of these in my home 🙂

  10. Cindy Fickensher Betancourt

    I really really want this!

  11. Janna Suzanne Holley Ladd

    Paul needs this!!!

  12. Janna Suzanne Holley Ladd

    Paul needs this!!!

  13. Paul Ladd

    I want it.

  14. Paul Ladd

    I want it.

  15. Charlotte Rang

    Yes, this is just perfect for those quick breakfast.

  16. Patrick Rooney

    I haven't seen in Australia,can we buy them here.

  17. Tammy Braswell

    YAY!!! ITS ME……

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