Egg And Bread Toaster

Hit 2 birds with 1 stone when making breakfast with this awesome egg and bread toaster! Featuring two wide slots to fit in bread, bagels, muffins and croissants. Use the egg cooker to steam poach, boil or scramble eggs in about four minutes. Ever warm up pre-cooked meat! Awesome!

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  1. Spencer Coltharp

    me want

  2. Spencer Coltharp

    me want

    • Quaid Roe

      iv been looking for that forever

    • Quaid Roe

      iv been looking for that forever

    • Spencer Coltharp

      buy one now so i can use it

  3. Lesley Jiggens Storer

    Amy Storer this has your name written all over it, a moving out pressie perhaps?

    • Carron Lewis

      I've got one! My sister bought me one and its ace!! 🙂 x

    • Amy Storer

      Nom nom nom

    • Troy Rollason

      Hang on, hang on hang on…… Moving out prezzie?, she came back last time!

  4. Jen Hinman

    I want one! It would be great to make my own egg mcmuffin! 🙂

  5. Yvette Garcia Gutierrez

    This is great!

  6. Ammo Singh

    I want one.

  7. Debbie Craft Olsen


  8. Debbie Craft Olsen


  9. Joshua Feddersen

    Omg Omg, we had the exact same one yearssss ago, but we lost the frying pan piece

  10. Tania Martinson

    I so want this for xmas! x

  11. Tania Martinson

    I so want this for xmas! x

    • Karen Church

      They have em over here tania, I seem them a while ago called toast 'n' egg. So cool!

  12. Quandatosoft D Oglesby

    That will come in handy when on the go.

  13. Joshua Terence Evans

    I brought this 4 years ago from Argos for £30 lol, its made by Teffal incase anyone wants to Google shopping it ;).

  14. Cassidy Dion

    we have had this toaster for like 3 years and the egg part breaks after the first couple uses and its not super impressive.

  15. Alex Moorey

    2 slices of bread and one egg? no good.

  16. Nick Ridley

    I'm ordering one!

  17. Nick Ridley

    I'm ordering one!

  18. Rosie Moss

    Rachel Moss

  19. Rosie Moss

    Rachel Moss

  20. MrnMrs Whateveryoulike

    I need this

  21. Alisha Starr

    This would be perfect or college!

  22. Alex Bray

    i had one of those

  23. Irene Gimeno

    Lydia kiero uno!!!!!!!

  24. Lydia Gimeno Uceta

    y yooooo!!! vaya desayunos nos meteríamos… 🙂

  25. Hannah Johnson

    I have this, have had it for years, not good quality

  26. Danielle Leahy

    It's supposed to make a sandwich.

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