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3 In 1 Breakfast Maker


Start your mornings with this 3 in 1 breakfast Maker! Enjoy coffee, toast and eggs all prepared by one space saving appliance. The oven has a 15 minute timer, temperature control setting and indicator light. The coffee maker has a 4-cup capacity, swing-out filter compartment and pause ‘n serve anti-drip feature. The griddle has a 6-inch diameter frying griddle and uses energy and heat from toaster oven and is perfect for frying eggs and other breakfast foods.

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  1. Charlotte Robinson

    I want one.

    • Alfie BreakBoy Armour

      Buy one! Its only £25.99

  2. Lucy Chivers-Reid

    All my dreams come true.

  3. Louis Mcintosh

    Love this in my kitchen

  4. Kristina Lords

    Louie Mendez gotta have this. this is awesome.

  5. Lisa Lees

    Heaven! Want sooooooooo much.

  6. Dianna Cardinal

    my b-day is coming up. hum lets see what happens on that day.

  7. Monica Renee

    Phillip Hines I want this!

  8. Melissa Rowden Reinhardt

    how do we order this stuff I hit more info and the page wont come up..

    • Heidi Eastley-Carman

      It's on Amazon 🙂

  9. Tania Frampton

    I want one of these!!

  10. Amanda Gallagher

    I want this 🙂

  11. Amanda Gallagher

    Infact Im having this 🙂 lol

  12. Shekeita Thenewme Parker

    I want this for my birthday real talk

    • Janice Scates

      when yo BD

    • Shekeita Thenewme Parker

      May 26

  13. Nik HappyEva-afta Lewis

    Sarah Lewis

  14. Miranda Solideo

    Ashley Horning

  15. Jason O’Connell

    So much win

  16. Seany Dolan

    any one going to get me somthin for my birth day make it this.

  17. Megan Kenway-Head

    this jus makes my belly want to rumble moreee.

  18. Monica Johnson

    I need this thing!

  19. Chasmine Lazzara Lindefors

    FINALLY! 😀

  20. Marina Kioke

    Me want this!

  21. Tino Faygo

    Randy Piester must have.

  22. Seyhan Doesntkillumakesustronger Cheesychips Db

    want it lol.

  23. Emma Clarke

    I need this!

  24. Aroha Heyer

    Yes please! New way to have brekky in bed!

  25. Benjamin Tenac Gardiner

    Sweetttttttttttttttttt 🙂

  26. Bettie Maze

    This would great for camper. I just might order this.

  27. CaraandMichael Seidl

    Cathi Wood please and thank you lol.

  28. MzKeke Thesuperiorqueenb


  29. Keryn Patterson

    Can u purchase if you live In nz?

  30. Ami Alvord

    this would be awsome to bring in a hotel!

  31. Sherri Filley


  32. Auston Brown

    Love it!

  33. Tracey Reed-Richardson

    I have one of these I live in a small space it works perfect.

  34. Julia Tapp

    Ann Lynch you need this.

  35. Lori Stano


  36. Rija Khan

    Waoo its really nice and so amazing i like it much more i saw this type first tim now i want to uze it can u gave me

  37. Carmen Kaw

    Mike Lee, nice?
    Kristal Charen Sidamon, like it?

  38. Carmen Kaw

    Mike Lee, nice?
    Kristal Charen Sidamon, like it?

  39. Kristie Smith

    has anyone got one of these…wanna know if it actually works and how well…for £25 it seems too good to be true..

  40. Dawn N. Castillo

    Cool, I want this!

  41. Autumn Geiger

    how do I order this?

    • Lisa Mackintosh

      it is on amazon.com

  42. Mrz Vega Alvarez

    Omg I love this, so need this…

  43. Lyn Bennett Michaels

    I did have 1, but gave it to my son when he went collage. All his friends love it, one even stole it lol, but he got it back.

  44. LadyEnn Boss

    Is thia cordless???

  45. Michael Barry

    My kids should get me this

  46. Audrey J. Bufford

    Jake Bufford.. I want this just cause its cute.

  47. Izaane Lombard

    sorry how do u buy from this site.

    • Nicki Nichols

      click on more info takes you to where you can buy .

  48. Barbara Donnalley


  49. Khalid Alshamsi


  50. Savannah Nylee Farnsworth

    HMMM might purchase this next week 🙂

  51. Christina Amatrudo

    Every time I try to buy something, I click "More Info" and there's a problem loading the website. 🙁

  52. Breanna Skeen

    Aaaaahhhhh I love it

  53. Claudia Homer

    Grease flying all over in camper , no thanks.cute but no cigar!

  54. Angel Nicole Birt

    I want its awesome!!!

  55. Yvette Hannifin

    I want for camper! Such easy breakfast! Really cool gor just2

  56. Debbie Dilks-brittingham


  57. Amy Day

    Love this

  58. Nigel Bibby

    I want one.

  59. Ash Toni Gibson

    are they hard to clean? please tag me in response

  60. Dannii Louiise

    Must buy 1 lol looks awsum

  61. Alexandria Bowling

    Alexandria Jungling

  62. Julie Shaw

    Look at this Steve!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Julie Shaw

    Look at this Steve!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Josh Hood

    I am soooooo getting me one of these!!! Hurry up paydayyy!!!

  65. Rachel Hunt


  66. Bj Young Buckman

    these thing are from $70-100 @ camping world…dang good price.

  67. Sophie Sykes

    Hideyo Hamasaki Robert.

  68. Sophie Sykes

    Hideyo Hamasaki Robert.

  69. Bernard Booth

    Are these available in Australia?

  70. Jenni Higgins

    … but they're currently sold out 🙁

  71. Lee-Gwen Booth

    It's a sadness!

  72. Melissa Natera

    I need this in my life!

  73. Linda Loonie Woodwards

    Its on my Christmas list just got to try and be good now lol

  74. Miche Braden

    Found it finally.

  75. Alexandrea Busnello


  76. Cynthia Partin

    Love it …

  77. Paul Sticks

    Céline – I think that we need one of these …

  78. Paul Sticks

    Céline – I think that we need one of these …

  79. Gemma Dimond

    If I got one of these my husband will start demanding breakfast in bed every day lol!

  80. Danny Finn


  81. Angela Kelsey

    Gemma Dimond plug this and a mini fridge in beside his side of the bed instead of a bedside table and he'll be making it himself

  82. Samantha Sessoms

    We need this!!! Ryan Houser Austin Robinson

  83. Scoty Carion

    Where the crap has this thing been my entire life?

  84. Kevin Collins

    Hi Miche!!! My name is Kevin Collins !!! You mite know me better as the male dance " FLASH" I'm still dancing but it,s ballroom dancing now ! I teach in the puplic schools and around the nation!! Just got back from L.A! Always thought about the show you had me do at the Latin Querter on
    The grand blvd and Woodward !!! Just wanted to know how you were!!! MUCH LOVE!! Hope too hear from you soon!!!!

  85. Milton G McMillon

    Good priced too!

  86. Milton G McMillon

    Good priced too!

  87. Jack Ververda

    I need one of those were do you find one be good way to start my night

  88. Samantha Jane Hale

    I'm gonna demand one of these for xmas… Looks Awesome!!!

  89. Lynn Cameron

    Mark will expect you to make him breakfast then. Better off buying one,hiding it in the cupboard and only getting it out when he is at work.

  90. روينا بلبوا

    I really want this for life!!!

  91. Lydia Gimeno Uceta

    Irene Gimeno , mira este!! jajaja

  92. Irene Gimeno


  93. Terri Cirvello

    This is so freaking cute!

  94. Nancy Cruz Dunn

    How do i order it?

  95. Nancy Cruz Dunn

    Am getting me one

  96. Belinda Moore


  97. Ray E Barriteau

    I will not accept ur friend request, not Becuz i don't like u but Becuz i don't want drama in my families life. We r at peace. Muah

  98. Christine Gregory

    Koiyle-Puddi Puddi-Noodles

  99. Kenneth Brown

    Where is this made?

  100. Wonder Zulma

    I want this

  101. Christina Whitaker

    see Steve? if we had the counter space id get you one of these!! lol

  102. Christina Whitaker

    Steve Knight

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