These Women Are Addicted To Pregnancy And They’ll Tell You Why

Addiction comes in many forms. Aside from the obvious ones such as drugs and alcohol, people can also develop addiction to certain activities like gambling, shopping, exercising, working, and so much more.  Today we’re going to focus on women that are addicted to pregnancy. Despite the challenges, there are those who find ultimate joy in the experience of carrying a baby in the womb and the inexplicable excitement of childbirth. Take a look to hear more about this below!

These women share what it feels like to be addicted to pregnancy…

The more the merrier.

Falling in love with pregnancy.

Everyone has their individual wants and needs.

It’s good to hear that despite what you desperately want you are holding off due to not being able to financially support another child yet. Well done!

We all have different definitions of happiness.

A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.

There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of you.

The ultimate cure to pregnancy addiction.

Nurturing a life is one grand undertaking.

The perks of being a pregnant.

Pregnancy is getting company inside one’s skin.

Sharing the joy of pregnancy is a beautiful thing!

The pain of childbirth is always worth the wonderful feeling of becoming a mother.

Getting pregnant for a different purpose.

A mother’s joy begins when a new life is stirring inside.

It’s nice to see people happy and in love, exited to expand their families.

Pregnancy is worth every pain and sacrifice.

Being pregnant comes with a lot of emotions you never realized you had.

It does seem strange to want more children when you’re already struggling so much, however, we understand that addictions are often irrational.

She must have a very unique sensory perception.