Amusing Epic Fails That Have No Logical Explanation

Life wouldn’t be realistic without errors and mistakes along the way. We all have lapses in judgement at times, some worse than others! It is certainly true that no one is perfect. However, sometimes you stumble across something that just leaves you utterly confused. Here we have some amusing epic fails that have no logical explanation. You’re sure to be left wondering ‘why’?! Take a look and see for yourself! 

So much 2017 in this picture…

A can opener for cans that have pull tabs…

Beware when buying knockoffs! 

Spot the epic fail… shouldn’t take you long.

Panoramic shot gone wrong! 

We wonder if this mess up has caused the lady in the photo any problems when travelling?!

Someone’s getting fired for this! 

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Why, just why?! This is actually really dangerous for people who are visually impaired who need to follow road markings to cross safely. 

We wonder how many complaints were made about these ridiculous toilet cubicles! 

The car we all drew as kids really does exist! 

We know some people love an audience. But, surely this is too far?!

Green, orange or red? Who knows? Good luck! 

Can you imagine asking for Viagra flavored ice cream?

So much weirdness! What’s with those teeth?